Laptop internal webcam to USB webcam

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Yesterday I bought a used HP pavilion dv6 webcam/mic module. I already knew that this webcam is usb. The board has a webcam and 2 mics with 6 pin out.
dv6 webcam/mic moduleThe problem was I didn’t know the correct pin out so you have to try. I searched and searched and searched, but all the pinouts I found didn’t work for me.

The 6 pins should be V+, GND, D+, D-, and left/right mic. The ground pin is shared with the mic lines. So, you have to know which pins are the V+, GND, and the D+/- to connect them to corresponding usb pins.
You should Know that the usb have 4 pins with colors Red (V+), Balck(GND), White(D-), Green(D+). I got this Wikipedia

usb usb_figure

I own a pavilion dv5 laptop which have a similar camera, the connected jack has wires colored with (from left to right) Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue. I had no twisted pairs, if you found a twisted pair you’re lucky :D. Twisted pairs are mostly the D+/D-.
A very important thing to take into consideration that the colors doesn’t follow any standards, as you’ll see that the Black wire is the D- O.o.

One thing that really helped me to find out the correct pinout that you may try; on Windows if you got the notification that the usb inserted is malfunctioned, that means that the connection is mostly correct but the data lines are corrupted. Try to swap the V+ and D+ lines. This did the job for me.

Pin Layout

Here’s the layout that worked for me (from left to right)

  1. Black ⇒ D+ [USB Green]  
  2. Red D- [USB White] 
  3. Orange ⇒ V+ [USB Red]
  4. Yellow
  5. Green
  6. Blue ⇒ GND [USB Black]

finally here’s a lsusb command output after the camera is recognized 😀 😀