Bomby Falldown is a challenging Android game. How far can you go in the tunnel without hitting any mine ?.
The game is quite simple, tilt the phone to move the ball and avoid hitting any mines. If a mine is touched it will blow up !!!, so be careful not to touch one of these. You can stop the ball instantly by pressing the brake button. Brakes take a bit to charge, the blue meter beside the button shows the brakes charging state. Also you might like to jump using jump button. Jump button will lift the ball up a few centimeters.

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read the full post here


Database integrated, and barcode reader android application that provides location based information and recommendations about scanned item.

This is one of my favorite projects. How it works ? it’s simple, you scan an product barcode (or QR, not currently supported but can be extended very easily) using your android device, the application shows you information about that product like name, price, category, etc… . Also we recommend similar products that are close in price. We tell you where you can find these products in nearby stores. If you are at some store, we tell you that this prodcut can be found at other stores with lower price. Users can save faorite products, as well as we save history of scanned products.

Speaking technically;

  • We used zXing (“Zebra Crossing”) library for barcode reading/parsing.
  • The application sends GET requests to a mysql server through a RESTful api.
  • We use android google maps native api v.2 to show maps.

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see project on github


Labyrinth 3D is a remake of the traditional Labyrinth game. The game offers 6 different levels with increasing difficulty, more levels can be added. You can add your levels by adding a new text file to the game. Your file must follow the rules described on github.

check labyrinth 3d on github.


In the coming section I’ll include some tiny projects written in javaFX 1.3.

Put Em All  –  try me

place the 8 queens on chess board

Find The Bomb  – try me – map

nice game using “Fake 3D”  to build a maze from a given file. The player have to deactivate the bomb or find the hostage. Wooden tiles are stairs that takes you from current level to the level shown on tile. Make sure you solve the maze before the timer ends.

let’Sudoku – try me

I do love this game. It started by a challenge to solve a printed Sudoku, that Sudoku was not a perfect Sudoku (have more than one soln) so i made the solve using the brute force algorithm. Then i thought why don’t i make a program to solve Sudoku for me. But for casual user he cant enter the Sudoko grid in the code, Finally i was making this game :D.

Paint  – try me

Vector painting program that is incomplete (no save or load). But one must admit his fails because the first step of learning from failures is admetting that there was a failures. I consider this program a failure.

Calcuator  – try me


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