Laptop internal webcam to USB webcam

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Yesterday I bought a used HP pavilion dv6 webcam/mic module. I already knew that this webcam is usb. The board has a webcam and 2 mics with 6 pin out.
dv6 webcam/mic moduleThe problem was I didn’t know the correct pin out so you have to try. I searched and searched and searched, but all the pinouts I found didn’t work for me.

The 6 pins should be V+, GND, D+, D-, and left/right mic. The ground pin is shared with the mic lines. So, you have to know which pins are the V+, GND, and the D+/- to connect them to corresponding usb pins.
You should Know that the usb have 4 pins with colors Red (V+), Balck(GND), White(D-), Green(D+). I got this Wikipedia

usb usb_figure

I own a pavilion dv5 laptop which have a similar camera, the connected jack has wires colored with (from left to right) Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue. I had no twisted pairs, if you found a twisted pair you’re lucky :D. Twisted pairs are mostly the D+/D-.
A very important thing to take into consideration that the colors doesn’t follow any standards, as you’ll see that the Black wire is the D- O.o.

One thing that really helped me to find out the correct pinout that you may try; on Windows if you got the notification that the usb inserted is malfunctioned, that means that the connection is mostly correct but the data lines are corrupted. Try to swap the V+ and D+ lines. This did the job for me.

Pin Layout

Here’s the layout that worked for me (from left to right)

  1. Black ⇒ D+ [USB Green]  
  2. Red D- [USB White] 
  3. Orange ⇒ V+ [USB Red]
  4. Yellow
  5. Green
  6. Blue ⇒ GND [USB Black]

finally here’s a lsusb command output after the camera is recognized 😀 😀


12 thoughts on “Laptop internal webcam to USB webcam

  1. MY WEBCAM HPDV6 HAVE 6PIN (from left to right) Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Violet
    I connected to USB successful with:
    Red (DATA +) => Green (DATA +)
    Orange (DATA -) => White (DATA -)
    Yellow (Vcc + ) => Red (Vcc +5V)
    Violet (Vcc – ) => Black (Vcc -)

  2. hi my webcam is 6-88-m5e4c-4921
    Unshielded (metal color)

    brown and green were twisted
    how is 5v D- D+ gnr?

    this a image:

  3. 6-88-m5e4c-4921
    hi my webcam is 6-88-m5e4c-4921
    Unshielded (metal color)

    brown and green were twisted
    how is 5v D- D+ gnr?

    this a image:

  4. I have a similair layout to Nhonvietnam and I presume the green and blue are for the microphone. Is there a way that these connections could be added to the USB’s data plus and minus to make it a webcam with microphone. Sorry if this is just a load of rubbish I am talking about as my knowledge of electrical wiring all comes from high school.

      1. Ok after being given a crash course in audio wirings by a good friend all of what I said above is rubbish and should be ignored. There are two mics on the webcam and both these two wires I was talking about are there connectors. There is no way (that we can see) of getting both of these to work. The best we could come up with is to get a 3.5mm jack that supports microphones and splice the wire into that and plug it in as well but it would only be able to utilise one of the microphones. Which is better than no microphone. This is all theory and we haven’t put it into practise yet so unsure if it would work.

  5. hi all ! i have a dell vostro 1400 internal web cam model No mention on web cam is cn-opm027 , please help me to make to make it as a usb web cam .

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